We employ a whole host of equipment that is ready to respond at a moments notice.

Check out the following tabs for more information about each piece of equipment and what it does.

# of Fire Stations2
# of Engines2
Gallons of water on our tanker3,500

About Our Engines

Engines are designed for their pumping capacity to get water on a fire quickly. Our 2002 KME model has a 1,500 gallon per minute center mounted pump, a 1,500 gallon tank and a deck gun. Our Engine in East Taghkanic is a 2006 KME Engine/Tanker with a 2,000 gallon per minute side pump, 1,500 gallon tank, Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) and also has a deck gun.

About Our Tanker

The tanker in our fleet is used to transport copious amounts of water to the scene of a fire. Being that we are in a rural community there aren't water hydrants, so either a water source such as a stream, pond or a lake needs to be tapped into (if it is nearby) or water needs to be transported to the scene from the nearest water source. Our new tanker will be able to transport over 3,500 gallons of water along with portable ponds.

Our Rescue Truck

Our rescue truck carries a lot of life saving equipment that is used at many different types of scenes. This truck doesn’t carry water, but it does carry many different varieties equipment including; Cutters and spreaders (commonly referred to as “The Jaws of Life”), a cascade system to refill air packs worn by our interior firefighters, lights, EMS equipment, various tools including halogens, chainsaws and reciprocating saws and, radio communications hardware .

Initial Attack Truck

Our initial attack truck is often referred to as our ``brush truck`` as it is smaller, has 4 wheel drive, and due to its stature can go off road. This is also considered a min-pumper as it carries a limited amount of water and has a pump mounted on it. This truck has various equipment including Indian tanks, rakes and shovels, as well as various tools for fighting smaller, wildland and brush fires.

Utility Vehicle

Our utility vehicle will re arriving soon, stay tuned for pictures.

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