Taghkanic Volunteer Fire Company has active and support members that respond to calls and assist with community events. The hours are sometimes long, there is no pay, and exposure to dangers is imminent. Taghkanic Fire is constantly looking for new members. If you are 16 years or older, a team player, enjoy physical and mental challenges, and giving to the community, then joining our team is an option you should consider.

Call the fire house at 518-851-5931 for further details
Line Officers
Active Members
William Hilscher Chief (Car 1)   Jake Thomas
Donald Coons Sr.
Donald Coons Jr. Ass't Chief (Car 2)   Henry Roberts
Larry Kadish
Dennis Callahan Ass't Chief (Car 3)   David Koehler (Chaplain)
Mark Herishko
Jeff Browne Lieutenant (56-20)   Amos Lemmermann
Tom Herishko
Michael Burgazoli Lieutenant (56-21)   Asa Nostrand
Richard Race
    Deven Coons
Christopher Browne
  Henry Roberts III
Erik Tyree
Jeff Browne President    
Andrew Soltano Vice President   * All line officers and administration members are active
Carmen Nero Treasurer    
Arthur McGuire Secretary  
Support Members
Arthur Griffith Board of Directors  
Joe Brightly
Carol Patterson
Paul R. Nostrand Board of Directors  
Natasha Coons
Anna Kadish
Anthony LaSalvia Board of Directors  
Erin Edwards
Cornelius Riegel
Scott Fuchs
Marc Riegel
      Loretta Hoffman Frank Rogers
      Agnes LaSalvia Susan Soltano
Renee Nostrand
Alan Wilzig

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